Madison & Goliath's Bow Wow Treats are homemade treats for your special furbaby.  We use only the best doggie-safe ingredients with no added preservatives.  Wheat/corn free treats are available for those dogs with allergies as well as a grain free treat! 

Madison & Goliath's Bow Wow Treats are registered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  They have been analyzed for fat, fiber, protein, and moisture.

Treats are made on order, not ahead of time, so your treats are fresh from the oven!  They look so good you might want to try one yourself!

Rocky Road Cone
Doggie Doodle
Izzy Bones

Our treats are sold in cellophane bags tied with a ribbon with the ingredients and guaranteed analysis on the back of the tag.  Each pound bag is $12.00 and our two pound bags are $18.00.  If you want to try a small amount, our 1/4 pound bag is $6.00 and our 1/2 pound bag of treats, are $8.00.  Shipping cost is a $10.00 charge.

Available treats are:

  • Doggie Doodles....Snickerdoodles for dogs.  Our honey based treat, wheat/corn free made with oat flour.  They smell yummy! 
  • Izzy Bones....peanut butter treat.  What dog doesn't simply love peanut butter!
  • Barkscotti....Apples, blueberries, bacon and maple syrup.  Izzy loves them!
  • Cooper's Crullers....Doggie donut consisting of banana, unsweetened applesauce and peanut butter with a yogurt frosting.  We even save the donut holes!
  • Sweet Potato Paws....made with fresh North Carolina sweet potatoes!  This treat is, also, wheat/corn free made with oat flour.
  • Rocky Road Cones.... a really yummy treat that is made with honey, unsweetened coconut, dry roasted peanuts, granola, oatmeal, peanut butter and carob chips all put in a mini ice cream cone. Cost is 5 for $5.00 or 12 for $ 10.00  We recommend that you store them in the refrigerator or freezer.  We personally use them as a cool down treat when it's hot outside! 
    Veggie Tail Waggers....this treat is totally grain free!  It's made with potato flakes, carrots and parsley! 


Feed as a treat or reward (maximum of 3/day)


"The Taste Testers"

Meet our official "taste testers!"  Isabelle, Cooper, are only delighted to be able to check out treats before sending them your way!  

Isabelle is our 14 year old black Lab.  She has been a handful as you can tell from her other picture "helping out" when she was just a puppy.  Since our move to North Carolina from Ohio she seems to be growing up but she still has quite a personality!  Since turning 14, she has slowed down, but we liver her just the same and cherish the time we have with her!

Then there's Cooper!  What a dog he is!  Coop is a Weimaraner and is 14 years old.  You might say he is our "grand dog!"  He is a rescue dog from Florida.  

Mac, Gabbie, and Wolfie are occasionally taste testers when available.  They never turn a treat down!  

Madison was our chocolate Lab and we dearly loved her.  She was the best of the best!  Goliath was our yellow Lab.  He was a nursing home dog that came to live with us in Ohio.  We called him our yellow twinkie and our big lug!  We loved them both so much and truly miss them.  Isabelle has big paws to fill and she's doing quite well! 


Madison & Goliath's Bow Wow Treats are taste-tested and "paw" approved by  Isabelle, Cooper, Mojo, and of course by Madison & Goliath!

Additional treats will be available as recipes and products are taste-tested by our "Bow Wow" staff.

Because our treats have no preservatives, we recommend that treats be kept in an air-tight container, refrigerated or frozen and then set out as needed.

TERMS:  Cash, check, money order


Rutherfordton, North Carolina. 28139


Don't settle for the ordinary!  

Your dog will love our treats and pant for more!

Our treats are licensed and registered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. 


Crude protein: 10% minimum, Fiber: 1% maximum, Fat: 5% minimum, Moisture: 3% maximum

Cooper's Crullers

Crude protein: 10% minimum, Fiber: 3% maximum, Fat: 4% minimum, Moisture: 12% maximum

Doggie Doodles
Crude protein:  5% minimum; Fiber:  6% maximum; Fat:  15% minimum; Moisture:  13% maximum.

Izzy Bones
Crude protein:  10% minimum; Fiber:  6% maximum; Fat:  18% minimum; Moisture:  14% maximum.

Rocky Road Cones

Crude protein: 7% minimum, Fiber: 10% maximum, Fat: 16% minimum, Moisture: 14% maximum

Sweet Potato Paws
Crude protein:  14% minimum, Fiber:  8% maximum, Fat:  18% minimum, Moisture: 8% maximum


Isabelle is patiently waiting to "taste test" your treats!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon!

Treats A Month!

You reach into the treat cannister and no treats to be had!  Have you ever had that happen to you and your pet?  Well, now you can put an end to that!  How about having treats delivered or mailed to your pet each month or even every other month?  That's right!  Never again will there be an empty treat jar and no more unhappy, sad doggie eyes!

A selection of treats can be mailed or delivered on to your dog.  Treats will always be fresh when they are mailed or delivered.  Place your order today!

1 pound bag every month $145.00
1/2 pound bag every month $95.00
1 pound bag every other month $80.00
1/2 pound bag every other month $60.00

All prices include shipping cost.